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Our Story


Back in 2010, the electronic cigarette frenzy was far from being mainstream. Still, it's in this context that Zurd discovered this revolutionary product and became one of the few first vapers in Montreal, Canada. A few months later, he met with another early adopter of the e-cig, Ren Buffoni, in a local vapemeet that was set up on the ECF forum.

They became friends instantly and started working together on different e-cig related projects until they decided to create their own e-liquid line. It took a long time to develop the recipes and after a lot of experimentations, they managed to find their own style and techniques, and to create outstanding recipes that would impress their peers and satisfy the most demanding flavour-chasers.

Pristine, a philosophy

The word “Pristine” comes from the Latin “Pristinus” that means “venerable”,” ancient”. The modern meaning is more about the purity or the natural state of something. This word was chosen to name our project because it depicted our dedication to make a clean product in terms of quality, while aiming toward a warm taste experience, like the one you would get from an old barrel-aged Scotch. The Pristine ingot-shaped logo was born with the idea that metal ingots are made from pure material, and that it’s with these refined products that we can melt new alloys.

Our products always display a complex layering of multiple flavours that are designed to taste great at the first puff and to slowly uncover their undertones as time goes by – exactly what you would expect from an all-day-vape (ADV). The balance of these layers is critical and this is why it took years to come up with these perfected e-liquids.

We also tried to cover the whole palette of e-juice genres, from the sweet pastry type to the classic tobacco and menthol flavours to the alcohol and other beverage vape and finally to the ever-popular fruit category. Pristine Premium E-Liquid was created for the vapers who are looking for new and spectacular taste experiences or for the ones looking for a ADV that will never let them down.

Our method

In order to make the best e-liquids, we use the best ingredients. Then, we allow inspiration to creatively try original mixes. Sometimes, magic happens and we know we are up to something special. After that comes many trials and errors to balance the recipe and make it insanely delicious, while making sure it is stable in terms of viscosity and fluidity for it to be working in all atomizer devices, has the right moisturizing effect at the mouth, as well as a nice throat hit.

All our products will surprise you with their complexity. You will first enjoy the dominant flavours on different parts of your tongue as well as its texture on your palate. Then you will feel the enhanced vapour effect in your throat before you finally let yourself distinguish the numerous aroma undertones at the nose. This is the Pristine experience. This is our secret.

We believe that e-mixologists have to find their own style. We have found ours, and it’s all in this feeling of having all your sensations being stimulated at the same time when you vape a Pristine e-liquid. We have designed these products for you - it is our modest gift to the vaping community.